Monday, May 3, 2010

Craft Room (Desk)

Looking outside this morning, all I can see is grey and rainy, with a pinch of green, wet grass! It would be a good day for card-making, but alas, I am off to work.
I wanted to give you a glimpse of the spot where I have been making my cards, so you will know how much I am appreciating my husband's efforts to make me a "crafting alcove" in our guestroom. He is absolutely the most giving man I know!

Anyway, here is the "before:"

I usually have more scraps on the desktop, but I straightened a little. This is a little corner of our bedroom, and I mainly use the pull-out shelf on the desk and the ironing board as my working surface. The shelf stays cleared because if I don't push it back in when I am done, we can't get to our closet!
In a week or so, I will share with you my new space. Hope my daughter doesn't mind what we have done with her room, now that she has moved on. (She is in college and planning to enter the sisterhood.) When she is home, we will have room to sit together and do some cardmaking.
Enjoy your day, and check back for updates!

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Scrapgirl said...

Hi Pam! I hope you get your own little space. I remember having a little corner and when we built our house I knew I needed, yes needed, my own space. I love my room, I only wish it was bigger!!! Good luck with the craft renovation and I'm sure your daughter won't mind. You can always keep a small bed/dresser for when she comes to visit!! Good luck....