Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Own Stamp

A couple of weeks ago, after seeing the adorable stamps that were for sale only in Australia to use on the back of my cards, I decided to design my own,
and have it custom made here in the USA.

This is what I came up with, using a .005 Micron pen,
and the type fonts from my computer:

The stamp is 1 inch x 2.5 inch.

Thanks so much to Simon Stamps in Massachusetts for the great job they did...and the stamp got here in just a couple of days.
(of course, they are pretty close by!)
The process was very easy, just made the drawing, scanned it into the computer, and uploaded the image by following the directions
when ordering the stamp.
I might even make some others one of these days!

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Anonymous said...

love your design Pam! I have several custom stamps and love them! Thanks for sharing where you got yours made, I bookmarked it!
Pam Going Postal